Keytool Max Pro

Designed with locksmiths in mind this device has all the staple featues of Xhorse's excellent VVDI Key Tool range including transponder cloning & generation, RF testing and remote renewal. It also opens up the world of the Xhorse Super Chip and Xhorse Universal Remotes; increasing your vehicle coverage immensely.This new device comes complete with an OBD cable allowing programming directly through the Key Tool Max Pro rather than needing a separate programmer. It also means the device receives power over OBD so you don't need to worry about losing charge on the job

VVDI Key Tool Max PRO Functions:

  • Immobilizer programming
  • Service reset
  • Generate remote
  • Clone remote
  • Generate transponder
  • Copy transponder
  • Generate special function
  • Unlock/Renew remote
  • Identity/Copy ID card
  • Generate/Copy garage remote
  • Detect frequency
  • Detect remote battery/voltage
Key Tool Max PRO Parameter
  • Battery:                   3375mAh
  • Standby:                 >5 Days
  • Inoput:                   1.5A
  • Light:                      >400nits
  • Screen Resolution: 1280*720P
  • Camera:                  800W
  • WiFi& Bluetooth:    802.11a/g/g/n/ac & 4.2 BLE